Monthly Archive: November 2001

Plague back together

Finally got Plague put back together, after gutting it for parts for Earthquake. It’s going to be a game PC for others to play on my LAN when they come over for beers and such. Plus I need a Win9x PC around for various knickknacks I have loading around that won’t run under WinNT or W2kPro.

I’m thinking of building a low-profile wood case for Plague so that I can sit it on my desk. With four machines and two monitors crammed under there it’s getting a bit crowded. I hope to put two on my desk and free up some room. Or something.

Bah to Bad RAM

Bah RAM sticks. Headcrash has been locking up on me quite often lately, but I finally resolved the issue by popping out the four sticks and re-seating them. It looks to have done the trick. They must have come lose during all the manhandling I’ve been giving the case lately.

It’s up and running now (unless I’ve turned it off) at What I’m looking for now is some HTML code that I can insert into this page that’ll indicate whether Headcrash is on or not. Hmmm…

My First PC… Called Plague

This is a machine that I bought about four years ago and have been upgrading steadily ever since. Many of its original components have found their way into my other boxes. I bought my wife a new Dell Inspiron Laptop, making this workstation entirely mine (she got the laptop because I couldn’t stop tweaking our “shared” PC, and she’d get miffed when everything had changed on her yet again.)

Originally purchased from Computer Rage on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, CA. It was originally a PII 350MHz on an Asus P2B mobo with a Diamond Viper 330 video card, 2GB HD, and 64 megs of RAM.

Been a while…

It’s been a while since I updated this page, as I’ve been too busy playing with my new toy Earthquake. I got the trim for the last mod (heh!) to this machine, some fan duct trim from CaseEtc. Tonight I’m going to cut a rectangle in the front bezel to give better airflow through the radiator and 80mm fan. I’ll give it the trim and some wire screen. I’m thinking the improved airflow will cool the water and the case while making the front look boss.

Tomorrow I’ll get the pics developed and start posting them.

Headcrash Weekend Update

I tore apart Headcrash over the weekend because I was sick of Windows NT and was looking for something new to do. Since I’m planning on getting my Win2k MSCE I decided to make it a Windows 2000 Server. After fighting with it for a while I found out that the Adaptec AAA-133u2 RAID card isn’t on the w2k Hardware compatibility list and the drivers that Adaptec provide on their web site suck ass.

After deliberating for a while I decided to gut Headcrash and sell the RAID card and my two LVD SCSI drives. I’ll take that money and help pay off my credit card that I ran up buying parts for Earthquake.

At any rate I installed Win2k on the Caviar 7200rpm IDE drive instead. I’m debating whether or not to buy another 19160 SCSI card and put in a SCSI solution into the box, but for now I’m going IDE to see how it works out.

Current HX08 mods for Headcash

The mods on the Aopen HX08 are pretty standard, as this was my first case, and consist of the following:

  •  One 120mm chimney fan sucking air out of top.
  •  One 120mm ducted fan in bezel in lower front blowing air into the case and onto the RAID controller.
  •  Two 80mm fans mounted at the top rear, blowing onto the three hard drives.
  •  Two SPDT switches for the two 120mm fans in a 5-off-12 configuration mounted in a 5-1/4″ bay.
  •  Dremel cuts in the top piece of the case to facilitate the removal of the side panels without having to remove the top.

Headcrash Background

I had a file server that had basically outgrown its case and was looking for a bigger, full tower case. I’d recently picked up the case modding bug and was looking for a good solid case with good cooling possibilities, since my server in its mini tower ran hotter than the sun with its dual PIII processors and multiple 10k rpm LVD SCSI drives. I ended up picking the Aopen HX08 as reviewed on Virtual Hideout .