Monthly Archive: May 2003

Plague’s poor man’s array

In another attempt to appease my modding urge, I’ve redone Plague again, this time adding the temporary array from the old Headcrash setup to this box. Basically, I wanted to see if I could stuff four 10,000 rpm SCSI drives into a space designed for two while maintaining tolerable case temperatures.

What I ended up doing was purchasing four wood reinforcing strip from Home Depot and doing a little bit of trimming and clipping to the case to make it fit properly.

Then I drilled two holes in the front of the case for a 120mm and an 80mm fan. The two fans blowing at 7v are sufficient enough to keep the case at ambient without sounding like a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, the ball-bearings on the 10k drives whine like madmen.

Here are some pics from the project:


Headcrash SCSI benchmarks

While reinstalling Win2k server on Headcrash, I decided to take some time to run some benchmarks against the storage subsystem to see what would make the best setup out of the hardware I had on hand.

Here are the results using SiSoft Sandra.

Here’s a test of five LVD-80 10k SCSI drives in RAID-5:


Here’s a test of four U-160 7200rpm SCSI   drives in RAID-0:


Here’s a test of four U-160 7200rpm SCSI drives in RAID-5:


No real surprises here. RAID-0 beats RAID-5 and U-160 drives beat LVD-80 drives. Nice to know that SCSI RAID-0 still outperforms ATA RAID-0.