Yearly Archive: 2005

Project: Home made 21U rack

I finally got around to building a cabinet for all of my computer gear. I have a lot of PCs for various reasons and decided to get rackable cases for them and stack them all up to keep things organized and accessible. Plus racks are seksi. I like woodworking, and am developing my skills there so I decided to build a basic rack from wood, thereby making it cool looking and keeping the cost down. 21U prebuilt racks are expensive.

I’d already built the rack when I decided to take pics for a project post. Here’s the back of the rack already built without the top after a first base coat of stain.

The back after the second and final coat of stain:


The wheels on the rack go ’round and ’round:


The rack rails, purchased from $63 for 21U:

The cabinet with the rails added:

With the top shelf added:


Finished, baby. Yeah. I used a 2×6 on the front so that the cabinet would extend past the fronts of the racked equipment enough that I can add a door to the cabinet should I chose:



Racking my computers:

More gear added:

All cabled up:

My workspace. Time to repaint the floor. Concrete paint sucks…

Some time I’ll probably add a door and sides, but for now I’m keeping it open because I like looking at the gear inside.
The total cost of this project was around $100 for the 21U rack rail kit and the lumber.


Zalman Reserator installation

I recently installed a Reserator on Earthquake to get some practice with ultra-silent water cooling. This Zalman is some pretty amazing kit.

New Map List

Unbelievable that it’s been a year since I’ve last updated this page. My how time flies. By popular request, I’ve updated the map list with a bunch of new maps. It’s in a PAK file so all you have to do is download it, unzip it and plop it into your quake\baseq2 directory. If you already have a pak5.pak file, just change the number to something else. Get the new pak file here.

2018 update: Download the full set of files for Plague Devastation including the updated, full-featured game engine (from, from my CloudFront distribution.