Earthquake Gear Arrives

I’ve collected all my gear and it’s sitting in a juicy collection of boxes in my laundry room, waiting to be assembled. In going through the layout and setup it looks like the 90 degree 4″ elbow join that I was going to use for a duct is going to be too damn big. That radiator is a big mofo. The rad + fan combo pushed the duct into the PCI slot area on the motherboard tray. Not good considering I’ll have something like 6 slots full of cards.

I did have some layout questions that I’m looking for answers on [H]ardOCPGideontech and The Tech Zone.

Basically, I’m looking for a quiet and well-cooled rig (aren’t we all?) and would like to reduce the number of fans spinning, which is why I’m going for a watercooled solution. Well, that plus it’s a rockin’ idea.

I’m looking at two possible setups:


Option one:

I put one 120mm fan at the bottom with the radiator, sucking air in and 2x 80mm fans at the top pulling air out.

This way there’s only three fans spinning and I get airflow through the radiator and over the hot SCSI drives.

Question: Will this be enough airflow to keep the drives cool as well as keeping the overall case temp near ambient?





Option Two:

I add a 120mm Chimney fan up top to pull all the hot air in the case up and out and reverse the flow on the 2x80mm fans so they blow directly onto the SCSI drives.

What’ll be the temp difference in the case and of the drives?



A PC named Earthquake

Earthquake is my principal tweak-toy, digital audio workstation and game player. I know that everyone at AudioForums would flame that you aren’t supposed to have anything but DAW stuff on a PC that will be recording audio, but oh well.

I will be posting about my four main PCs: Eathquake, Headcrash, Locust and Plague. These PCs are so named after the four Unix machines in the UC Berkeley computer lab underneath Davis Hall.

Remember: Gnome smoking will kill you.

Autumn Twilight (re)begins

BACKGROUND: We started this campaign in August of 1994 but then stopped playing Twilight:2000. Check out the constantly updating campaign logs here.

Edit: In the Summer of 2001 we brushed the dust off the campaign and kept playing, until we finished the Europe modules in February, 2004.

Edit2: In October of 2011, we started the next chapter of the campaign, entitled Winter Twilight, which picks up as the players return to Norfolk VA to run though the modules set in the United States.

January Devastation Monthly Summary

Check out the January Plague Devastation scores. This month’s winners are 0megaMan[APE] for the overall highest score for the month and to Entrails and puregrain for highest map averages, tied at 17. Nice work guys!

Player Devs Des Grunts Frags Frags Frags Maps
Name Score Killed Killed Killed with Dev with Des with Grun Played
0megaMan[APE] 237 37 9 140 89 50 98 22
Entrails 149 30 2 92 85 15 49 9
OutCa$t[APE] 122 14 3 74 49 17 56 15
KiLlaZ 66 17 1 56 19 32 15 10
Parabola 41 11 0 20 10 3 28 4
puregrain 33 6 0 19 2 8 23 2
Led Ballz 9 1 0 4 0 0 9 3
BigBallZMaN -2 0 0 3 -4 2 0 1



Map Devs Des Grunts Frags Frags Frags
Averages Score Killed Killed Killed with Dev with Des with Grunt
Entrails 17 3 0 10 9 2 5
puregrain 17 3 0 10 1 4 12
0megaMan[APE] 11 2 0 6 4 2 4
Parabola 10 3 0 5 3 1 7
OutCa$t[APE] 8 1 0 5 3 1 4
KiLlaZ 7 2 0 6 2 3 2
Led Ballz 3 0 0 1 0 0 3
BigBallZMaN -2 0 0 3 -4 2 0